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The world of native american baskets and their creators.

Sioux Teepees, Fort Yates c1890 by Frank Fiske

Traditional Native American Dwellings Part 1

There are many, many long-held stereotypes when it comes to the American Indians, greatly influenced by Hollywood in the 20th Century. One of these stereotypes is that all Native Americans traditionally lived in teepees. While it is true that some tribes did indeed live in teepees, there were many, many other types of traditional Native American dwelling.

How the American Indians lived in the past was dependent on their location and their tribal nations. Continue reading

Navajo Weaving

More about the Art of Navajo Weaving

In our last blog post, we introduced the art of Navajo weaving and how Native American blankets fit into the culture and tradition of the Navajo. Today, we delve a little deeper into the art of Navajo weaving.

Navajo rugs, throws, and blankets are among the most revered of all Native American handicrafts as they are so colorful and well-made. Continue reading

Indian Traders: Spotlight on our Other Art

Here at Indian Traders, we do specialize in Pendleton Blankets and authentic Native American Jewelry. But our fantastic and top quality merchandise is not limited to Pendleton throw blankets and Native American turquoise jewelry!

We also have a very wide array of other stunning southwestern art, including Pueblo Pottery, Custom Knives, Western Jewelry, and Bronze Statues available for purchase. There really is something for everyone. Continue reading

Who Are the Native American Indians of North America?

There is great love and fascination throughout North America and the world for Native American culture and art, from Native American blankets to jewelry and much more. Who exactly are the Native Americans?

The Native American Indians are the indigenous peoples of the continental USA. But what does this mean? Continue reading